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Suncity Wireless Charging Tabletops

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These Suncity Wireless Charging Tabletops are commercial-grade and will look great in your food service location. These tabletops fit in nicely with any décor and are made of the highest quality materials. Backed by our customer satisfaction return policy and our best price guarantee, these products will satisfy for years to come by offering style and durability.


  • Charging Dock and Key MUST be purchased separately HERE
  • Driftwood, Reef, andWave Alizés have limited quantities in stock. Please call us at (844) 480-0855 or send us an email to check availability.
  • Lead time is around 12-20 weeks for Special Order tops.
  • The wireless charging technologycannot be added to an existing top.
  • Custom sizes NOT available.

How it works:

To charge your phone wirelessly, place your phone on top of the decal on the surface of the tabletop

Included with each tabletop:

  • One battery and the charging technology built into the top
  • Two USB ports within the battery for phones that do not charge wirelessly


  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Constructed of moulded laminate
  • Scratch-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Rain resistant
  • No outlet needed
  • No installation needed

Charging Docks must be purchased separatelyHERE:

  • Each battery (included with tabletop ONLY) is locked by an anti-theft system
  • The Charging Dock includes a key to unlock the batteries from the tabletops
  • 4 batteries can be charged at a time
  • Each battery lasts for 8 days (an average of about 5 hours per day)
  • Batteries recharge in 5 hours
  • The light blinks red while batteries are charging, then blinks green once batteries are fully charged
  • One Charging Dock is recommended for every 6 – 8 tables