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Side Chairs

Palm Lounge Chair
Addison Chair

Troy Chair
Mi Chair
EMU Arm Chair SHINE #248
Weave Chair
EMU Side Chair SHINE #247
EMU Arm Chair GRACE #281
EMU Side Chair YARD #500
Tolivere Dining Chair
EMU Side Chair GRACE #280
EMU Arm Chair MIA #411
EMU Side Chair MIA #410
Jericho Dining Chair
Compamia Crystal Polycarbonate Modern Dining Chair Transparent Amber ISP052-TAMB - RestaurantFurniturePlus + Chairs, Tables and Outdoor - 1
Isabelle Chair

                Black Matte
                Black Gloss
                White Matte
                White Gloss
Chantal Chair

                White Gloss
                White Matte
                Black Gloss
                Black Matte
European Beechwood Side Chair
Ace Dining Chair
Aspen Chair

EMU Side Chair AERO #027
Eddie Chair
Albany Chair

                Natural Ash
                Light Blue
EMU Side Chair SOLE HD #3402HD
Merritt Dining Chair
Audrey Dining Chair
Brickell Dining Chair
EMU Side Chair TOPPER #150
Compamia Elizabeth Polycarbonate Dining Chair Glossy Red ISP034-GRED - RestaurantFurniturePlus + Chairs, Tables and Outdoor - 1
Compamia Bloom Dining Chair Silver Gray ISP048-SIL - RestaurantFurniturePlus + Chairs, Tables and Outdoor - 1
Compamia Allegra Indoor Chair Glossy White ISP057-GWHI - RestaurantFurniturePlus + Chairs, Tables and Outdoor - 1
Tribeca Metal Side Chair
Tribeca Metal Dining Chair
Tribeca Armless Side Chair
European Beechwood Side Chair
EMU Side Chair URBAN #208
EMU Arm Chair KHALI #339
Octane Metal Chair (Upholstered)
EMU Arm Chair STAR #162
European Beechwood Side Chair
Mahogany European Beechwood Side Chair (Custom Options Available)
EMU Side Chair SEGNO #263
EMU Side Chair KHALI #338
EMU Side Chair KAREN #1001HD
European Beechwood Side Chair
Miami Dining Side Chair - YourBarStoolStore + Chairs, Tables and Outdoor
 - 1
European Beechwood Side Chair
EMU Side Chair STAR #161

Restaurant Furniture Plus offers the largest selection of restaurant side chairs online. Choose from hundreds of options that will make your restaurant look great. Our restaurant side chairs come in numerous styles, colors and price points. And, if you don't see an existing model you like, we can custom manufacture a restaurant side chair to your exact specifications. Our restaurant furniture is all commercial grade, so you can ensure they will withstand the test of time. Our restaurant side chairs also come with a best price guarantee, so you can rest assured you are getting a great value with Restaurant Furniture Plus. Most importantly, we support your furniture purchase with a world class customer service team, who will help you with everything you need, including handling all restaurant furniture sourcing, procurement, logistics and claims, so you don't have to.

Restaurant Furniture Plus has been selling foodservice furniture since the company was founded in 2012. Over the years, we have curated the best restaurant furniture from the best manufacturers. So, if you are looking for restaurant side chairs that will impress your customers, endure heavy usage over the years and be affordable within your budget, you are in great hands with Restaurant Furniture Plus.