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Beer Garden Set with table cloth cushion set (5 piece set)

Item # 8465576641


Beer Garden Set with table cloth cushion set (5 piece set) is a commercial grade table set designed to last and look great in your bistro. This table set works great for a modern design. This table setis a stationary set and is made of highest-quality wood designed for the premium price point. This table set is availablein natural with black, natural with blue, natural with green, nut brown with black, nut brown with green, orange with blue, orange with green colors. This product is protected by our low price guarantee and our customer satisfaction return policy.

Package includes;

1 x Table and 2 x Benches.  Choose table size when purchasing.

1 x Set of Floor Protectors

1 x Table Cloth Cushion Set

The only German made beer garden sets in the US with TÜV.


3 Year Frame Warranty


Additional Information

Choose size of beer garden set

50 cm, 67 cm

Choose Color

Natural with Black Legs, Natural with Blue Legs, Natural with Green Legs, Nut Brown with Black Legs, Nut Brown with Green Legs, Orange with Blue Legs, Orange with Green Legs

Choose color combination of beer garden set

Blue/White, Green/White, Red/White, Yellow/White


Caring for the furniture:

Beer Garden Tables and Benches:

The beer garden tables and benches can be used and enjoyed for many years if taken care of. The surfaces are made of wood (spruce) and have a lacquer finish. This furniture should not be left outside in bad weather conditions. If the furniture gets wet, wipe off the water as soon as possible. The leg/supports are foldable so bring the furniture under cover or inside when not in use.

Beer Garden/Bistro Tables and Chairs:

The beer garden/bistro tables and chairs have a special protective glaze on the wood which allows you to use and keep outdoors.

Call for bulk pricing and commercial orders

Freight charged separate.

Commercial Grade.