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How to Assemble and Fasten Your Restaurant Table Base to Your Table Top

Photo Credit:  Viridian Wood.


The question of how to fasten your restaurant table top to your table base is one we get quite often.  And, honestly, there is not a “one-size-fits-all” answer, given the wide breadth of table top materials (e.g., wood, metal, laminate, resin, stone) and the wide variety of table bases that can be attached.  But, this post will hopefully guide you in the right direction, for most cases.

Different Vendors Means Different Levels of Assistance

Many of our manufacturers will provide detailed instructions for assembly.  But, unfortunately, several do not, which is why we are writing this post.  But, hopefully this post will help answer those questions to make this assembly and fastening project go smoothly. 

Different Table Top Materials

The easiest table tops to work with are wood, as the bases can be connected with simple wood screws, which can easily screw right into the tops.  You can also screw into laminate or resin tops, if you drill pilot holes first.  Obviously, you cannot screw into metal or stone tops.  But, in those cases,  you typically buy some thin square wood boards (smaller than the table top size) that you super glue to the hard surfaces, and then screw into the wood you attached to the tops, not the actual table tops.

Assembling the Base

Sometimes, the table base arrives in parts, and needs to be easily assembled, before it is attached to the table top.  This great video shows how our most purchased table base is assembled, best positioned on the top (pointing the four base brackets to the four corners of the table top) and ultimately attached to a table top.  But, be sure to get the instructions for whatever product you end up purchasing.

Fasteners Not Included

Worth mentioning, when buying separate table tops and bases, especially from different manufacturers, the fasteners are typically not included.  So, plan for a trip to your local hardware store, to buy the fasteners you will need prior to the table tops and bases arriving at your location, so you are ready for assembly.

Picking the Fastener

There are two things you need to consider when picking a fastener:  (i) the hole size in the table base; and (ii) the width of the table top.  The typically standard table base top plate has 7mm diameter holes.  And, most table tops are at least one inch thick, if not more.  So, the most common wood screw used is a #10 head screw that is one inch long (remembering the table base top plate adds some width).

Prepping for Fastening

If you are planning to fasten into laminate or resin table tops, which can easily crack, it is advised to first drill a small pilot hole to make the screwing process easier.  You don’t have to do this with wood, but you can, as well, to make your job easier.  But, be careful to use a drill bit that is (i) not wider than your screws; and (ii) is not longer than the width of the table, so that you don’t drill through the top of the table.  If you want to save your forearms from screwing by hand, bring a drill to help you screw in the screws.  If you need some help here, some manufacturers offer pilot holes pre-drilled for a cost of $10-20 per table, depending on the material of the table top.

Hopefully, this post helped to answer any of your assembly and fastening questions.  But, if not, feel free to contact or call us at (844) 480.0855 and we will do our best to help you get the right answer for your project.