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Restaurant Furniture Plus has thousands of commercial grade restaurant chairs for your restaurant or bar. Whether your looking for wood, metal, or upholstered chairs, we’ve got them. We specialize in modern restaurant chairs, including industrial and tolix styles as well as traditional, mid century modern, and rustic. Looking for outdoor chairs for your patio or outdoor space? You’ve come to the right place! We carry hundreds of modern styles of resin and plastic chairs.

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Restaurant Chairs for Restaurant or Bar

What is Restaurant Furniture?

Restaurant furniture is usually chosen for specific commercial purposes and acts as the reflection of the establishments’ brand, class, and kind. Restaurant chairs are often designed for easy cleaning and long-term durability.

What Is a Restaurant Chair?

Restaurant chairs are usually simple in nature and come in a standard straight-backed design, intended to provide temporary seating for customers. It does not pertain to a single type but is used as a term for several kinds of chairs for this purpose. In the old days, inns and taverns did not have chairs since they were only reserved for the affluent people of society. Inns and taverns had stools with three or four legs; customers were perched on them in the bar. The Renaissance era is the beginning of chairs usage in restaurants when bench seating was done for optimum usage.

Types of Restaurant Chairs

There is no one definition of a restaurant chair, but rather a several kinds of them. As the restaurants evolved into different kinds, offering different specialty, the chairs changed with them too, usually depending on the service that the restaurants offer.

Side Chair

 The most common design found in most dining rooms, as well as kitchens, is the side chair. This kind of chair comes without arms.

Parsons Chair

It is a simple chair utilizing minimalist lines that fits not only the kitchen but also different areas in the house

Ladder back

Ladder back chairs come with evenly spaced horizontal slats, resembling a ladder. The ladder back is essentially traditional but it can be incorporated in many other kinds of style.

Types of Restaurant Chairs According to Seat Material

The kind of material of the seat of the chair defines its degree of comfort and visual appeal.

Upholstered  Upholstered restaurant chairs provide comfort because of their soft cushion. They can be paired with different kinds of contrasting or matching frames.
Wood Wooden seats do not have any adornment of upholstery but may have a sunken or molded seat for additional comfort and design.
Metal Metal seats are usually paired with metal frames.
Leather Leather seats are comfortable as they are luxurious, offering the softness of upholstery with the rich sheen of the leather.
Wicker Wicker is a woven type of either fabric or synthetic material. It boasts of interesting textures, toughness, and pliancy.
Plastic Plastic seats come with plastic frames and are usually chosen for budgetary and practicality reasons.

Types of Restaurant Chairs According to Frame Style

Frames, like chair seats, also come in various kinds depending on the material used. The different types of seat and frame materials can be paired, matched or mixed.

Types of Restaurant Chairs According to Style

 The traditional style of chairs features intricate details, rich textures, and elaborate carvings. These chairs are timeless, but they lack the flair of fresh design.
The Shaker style is very distinctively utilitarian and minimalist in design. It has a back that resembles a ladder since they were meant to be hung when kept or not used.
The modern style of chairs usually displays a marriage of function and form, without much embellishment.
Rustic style presents an organic, parochial vibe, with unpolished wood and rough edges. 
The coastal style reminds you of being near the sea. Coastal types of restaurant chairs are usually in lighter tones, having the wood elements, which come unstained. There is a relaxed, laid-back appeal that comes with this style.
The contemporary design is a loose term that could mean a lot of things. Contemporary may be a traditional chair, having a modern twist.

Types of Restaurant Chairs According to Types of Restaurants

Couches or Lounge Chairs
 These chairs are found mostly in cafes or coffeehouses where conversations are meant to be lengthy and need comfortable seating.
High Chairs and Booster Seats
These kinds are found in fine dining restaurants as well as in most casual dining places.
Bistro Chairs
These high three or four-legged chairs are staples in pubs and bistros since most of the customers go directly to the bar.
Folding Chairs
Folding chairs are convenient to use, because they can be stored easily.
Conference Seating Chairs
Conference seating chairs, as the name suggests are ideal for conferences and seminars where the attendees will be required to sit for long period of time. Because of this, they are usually thickly padded and/or softly cushioned to provide ease of seating.
Patio Chairs
For restaurants with patios, chairs made of plastic, metal or treated wood are used.

So, there are lots of various chairs, used for various designs of restaurants and bars. Now, it will be easier for you to choose the best one, to create a comfortable and cozy environment in your restaurant.

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