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      Montego Square Market Umbrella With Crank Lift
      Montego Square Market Umbrella With Pulley System
      Avalon Octagon Cantilever Umbrella
      Montego Octagon Market Umbrella With Pulley System
      In-Ground Mount For Cantilever Umbrella
      Modular Cross Base For Cantilever Umbrella
      335 Pound Umbrella Base
      50 Lb Resin Coated Concrete Base
      70 Lb Galvanized Steel Base, 20" X 20"
      Geneva Octagon All Aluminum Market Umbrella
      Avalon Square Cantilever Umbrella
      Promenade 7' Octagon Market Umbrella
      Geneva Square All Aluminum Market Umbrella
      Montego Octagon Market Umbrella With Crank Lift
      Promenade 6' Square Market Umbrella
      Umbrella Base With Wheels 75 Lbs
      Free Standing 150 Lbs 36" Rd Galvanized
      Libra 8' 2" Square Centerpost
      Sirius 9' 9" Octagon Sidepost
      Sirius 11' 5" Octagon Sidepost
      Polaris 13' 1" Octagon Sidepost
      Concrete Mount Kit for Libra
      Galaxy 11' 5" Square Sidepost
      Galaxy 16' 4" Octagon Sidepost
      100# Steel Base Weights for Libra
      30# Add-on Weight for Monaco Bases
      120# Steel Base with Wheels for Libra
      Libra 6' 6" Square Centerpost
      Sirius 8' 9" Square Sidepost
      Libra 8' 2" Octagon Centerpost
      Sirius 9' 9" Square Sidepost
      Polaris 9' 9" Square Sidepost
      Polaris 11' 5" Square Sidepost
      Polaris 13' 1" Square Sidepost
      Polaris 10' x 13' Rectangle Sidepost
      Orion 8' 9" Square Sidepost
      Orion 9' 9" Square Sidepost
      Orion 9' 9" Octagon Sidepost
      Orion 13' 1" Octagon Sidepost
      Galaxy 13' 1" Square Sidepost
      In-Ground Mount Kit for Libra
      Concrete Mount Kit for Galaxy

      Outdoor umbrellas complete the look of any outdoor restaurant, bar, or café. Open umbrellas can create an atmosphere of casual fun, evoke memories of warm weather and beachside parties (even if you are located in the Midwest), and perhaps most importantly, signal to customers that you are open for business.

      Though choosing a restaurant umbrella may seem easy, there are a number of factors that may compete for your attention. Take into account the following:

      • Your desired ambiance: Is it casual, chic, or a mix of both?
      • The light factors in your specific setting: Is it typically bright or dim?
      • The weather in your location: Do you want shelter from rain or just sunlight?

      For example, you could choose a heavy-duty polyester commercial outdoor umbrella for an area that is located in direct sunlight to keep your diners safe from ultraviolet rays while eating and socializing. Or, if you are simply trying to complete the look of your café, you may opt for a smaller, more decorative umbrella style.

      Let Restaurant Furniture Plus help you source and find the perfect furniture for your outdoor setting. Peruse our many options to find the right fit, and if you don't, reach out to us through our contact form or at (844) 480.0855 so that we can help you complete the look of your outdoor dining room.