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Laminate Table Tops

Quick Ship Laminate Table Tops
Outdoor Suncity Table Tops
Urban Series Laminate Quick-Ship MDF Table Tops
Concrete Laminate Table Tops
White High Gloss MDF Table Tops
Wood Veneer Table Tops
Indoor 1" Relic Laminate MDF Table Tops
Driftwood Laminate Table Tops
Dark Brown Wood MDF Table Tops
Medium Brown Wood MDF Table Tops
Frosted Slate Laminate Table Tops
Sawmill Oak Laminate Table Top
Reversible Laminate Table Top
modern marble outdoor table tops
Round PVC Table Top
Laminate Table Top
Indoor 2" Relic Laminate MDF Table Tops
Safari Laminate Table Tops
Marble Finish MDF Table Tops
Fortress E Wood Oak Tabletops
Fortress E Wood Beech Tabletops
E Wood Tabletops
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Charred Walnut Dye Darkwash Table Tops
Charred Black Dye Darkwash Tabletop
Planked Pine Laminate Table Top
Espresso Laminate Table Top
White Laminate Table Top
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Natural Sheesham
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Smoked Oak
Suncity Wireless Charging Table Tops
Outdoor High Pressure Laminate Table Tops
Laminate Tabletop
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Bengal Brown
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Barn Wood Gray
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Chili Powder
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Gun Powder
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Natural Bamboo
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Roble
Backwoods Manufactured Table Tops - Stormy Skies

Find the Best Laminate Table Tops for Your Restaurant

If you're a new restaurant owner setting up your dining area for the first time, laminate table tops are a great option to complete your decor. Every laminate dining table lasts a long time thanks to its durable material, which is also easy to clean after a customer spills ketchup or soda. Don't worry about water ruining the finish. Laminate stands up to years of soap bubbles.

Once you've decided you want a laminate top dining table, it's time to pick the one that fits your aesthetic. Laminate comes in almost every color, including red, gray, white, blue and green. Others look like wood, giving you the appearance of an oak table without the hassle of keeping one in good condition. Most laminate table tops come with shiny finishes, but you can pick ones that look like concrete if you have a modern design plan. If you change your decorations for the seasons or holidays, consider a reversible two-color laminate dining table.

You've worked hard on your restaurant, and you want tables that meet your criteria for both form and function. At Restaurant Furniture Plus, we work with over 200 furniture manufacturers, giving you access to a vast selection of tables. While our website displays our most popular products, we have thousands more available.

Consult with one of our knowledgeable project managers to help you discover the right laminate table tops for your space. Our furniture experts can find the perfect selection to meet your design and budget needs, giving you the ability to focus on other priorities. We take care of all sourcing, purchasing and shipping requirements for customers who work with project managers and those who order tables online, saving you time and money. With over 10 years in business, we ensure a smooth buying process from start to finish.