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Metal Table Tops

Stainless Steel Table Top (Indoor Use Only)
Synthetic Teak Aluminum Edge Outdoor Square/ Rectangular Table Tops
Ceramic Top - Indoor Only
Mesh Square Table Top
Synthetic Teak Aluminum Edge Outdoor Round Table Top
Silver Aluminum Outdoor Round Tabletop
Black Aluminum Outdoor Tabletop
Aluminum Slat Outdoor Table Top - with base
Solid Metal 24" X 30" Rectangle
Solid Metal Square Table Top
Solid Metal Round Table Top
Mesh Round Table Top
Mesh 24" X 30" Rectangle

Make a Strong Impression With Metal Table Tops

Metal table tops offer durability under commercial foodservice conditions, with a surprising array of colors and designs to reflect the unique atmosphere of your venue. Choose the color, style, size and price point that matches your budget and your business, with a guarantee that you’ve found the best value in quality materials. We’ve been invested in restaurant furniture sourcing and manufacturing since 2012 to give you the best options for metal restaurant table tops.

A metal table top goes a long way in making a strong visual impact on your customers. Whether your dining room interior follows an industrial trend, a contemporary vibe, or a comfortable rustic sensibility, there is a metal table top that suits your decor. Metal table tops are a tough and timeless fixture for furnishing an indoor dining area or an outdoor patio. Aluminum tables are a sure bet for outdoor seating, or opt for a stainless steel table for restaurants with modern barroom styling. Custom combinations are always available when you have design specifics in mind for unique dining room furnishings.

We understand that selecting just the right furnishings for your restaurant's needs is not an easy process. This task is made even more difficult when you consider all of the options out there. We simplify this process by doing the searching for you while simultaneously casting as wide of a net as possible using our relationships with over 200 furniture manufacturers. Our experienced customer service team handles the orders, shipping and research to make outfitting your restaurant or tavern a smooth and straightforward experience that will satisfy your business and your clientele.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you don't find furniture you love, as our Project Managers can sift through the 1000's of products that aren't featured online. Above all, we work to provide you with furniture that fits just right in your place of business and allows your operations to thrive.