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Table Tops

Laminate Table Top (Indoor Use Only)
Outdoor Teak Tabletops
Indoor/Outdoor Teak Tabletops
Ashwood Carbonized - Butcher Block Table Top
Florida Seating  Suncity Tops - YourBarStoolStore + Chairs, Tables and Outdoor -1
Distressed Elmwood Tabletop
1.5" Thick Beechwood Butcher Block Table Top
Stainless Steel Table Top (Indoor Use Only)
Plasteak Table Top (Outdoor)
Indoor/Outdoor Resin Tabletop
Black or White Artificial Granite Tabletop
Concrete Table Top (Laminate)
Melamine Tabletop
Wood Veneer Tops
Black or Mahogany Reversible Laminate Top
2" Thick Plank Black Walnut Live Edge Table Top
Indoor Relic Laminate Tabletops
Elmwood Tabletop
Indoor/Outdoor Resin Tabletop
South American Walnut Live Edge Plank Tabletop
Melamine Tabletop
Driftwood Table Top (Laminate)
White High Gloss Table Top (Indoor Use Only)
Indoor/Outdoor Resin Tabletop
Solid Pine Wood Tabletop
1.5" Butcher Block American Black Walnut Table Top
1.5" Butcher Block Table Top
Plank White Oak Live Edge Table Top
Outdoor Aluminum Table Top
Mahogany Resin Rectangular Table Top
Indoor/Outdoor Resin Tabletop
Reclaimed Wood Table Tops
Reclaimed Pallet Wood Tabletops - Indoor Use - Made to Order
1" Sintered Stone Table Top in Carrera White Color
Synthetic Teak Aluminum Edge Outdoor Square/ Rectangular Table Tops
Ceramic Top - Indoor Only
Indoor/Outdoor Molded Compression Table Top-6
Melamine Tabletop
MDF Tabletop
Zebra Grain Table Top (Laminate)
raven slate outdoor table tops
Quartz Tabletops
Indoor/Outdoor Bamboo Tabletops
Melamine Tabletop
Mahogany Resin Square Table Top
vintage oak outdoor table tops
Medium Density Fiberboard Table Top-6
Indoor Pine Wood Table Top

Choosing the Right Table Tops for Your Restaurant

Picking your restaurant's appearance is almost as important as creating your signature dish. Whether you want sleek bar-style and outdoor seating or tons of booths like a 1950s diner, we offer the restaurant table tops and furniture that suits your needs. Think about the size of your typical meals; do you sell many little plates, or does everything come on one platter? Your customers need enough space to eat without being crowded. You can set the overall style and tone by the table tops you choose.

Choosing a Material

One of the choices you will have to make is what style you want your patrons to see when they place their order. We offer restaurant table tops, tables and seating accents in materials like:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Melamine
  • Wood
  • Laminate

The is only a small selection of our material choices. Once you choose your material, you can choose the size and shape of your table tops. Smaller tops are great for bar seating, booths are the perfect choice for families, and large tables can improve your seat count.

Choosing a Style

When you're looking for table tops, you also need to pick the style. Do you like the look and feel of hardwood tops, or do you want shiny laminate?

Your style choices promote the overall feel of your establishment. It can also set the mood long before anyone places an order. Take Table 32 Restaurant, for example. They have dark wood tables with comfortable chairs and benches to mirror their location's warmth and rustic quality. With almost countless restaurant table tops for sale, your choices and resulting aesthetic are only limited by your creativity.

Regardless of your design aspirations, we have the right table tops for your needs. You are only limited by your design and creativity. You can shop online or call 888-336-8503. We are always happy to help build your dream restaurant.